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FieldVibe - team & company management

After successfully launching and developing our first big personal project, Appointfix the modern appointment book, in 2018 we embarked on a second mission, this time developing a simpler and better scheduling software solution for the Field Services market. We started to receive new feature requests from our Appointfix users who were working in the HVAC, Lawn care, Cleaning, Plumbing, and other field services professionals. They were not only looking for a better way to schedule their jobs, but they also wanted to have the ability to see them on a map and assign them to their field staff. We decided to build upon our expertise at Appointfix and deliver a better experience for all field service professionals out there. This is how FieldVibe was born.

At FieldVibe we help field service professionals like you easily schedule your daily jobs, boost your productivity and increase client satisfaction with automated text reminders. In this mission we are guided by 3 major values which we turned into 3 big commitments, for you, our user & business partner:

Our commitment is for your growth

We are building the best scheduling mobile app tailored to field service professionals, like you. Not only that, but we want to give it to you for free, for your first account, so you can focus more on growing your service business!

Our commitment is for keeping it simple

We want to make your life easier. This is why we keep it all as simple and intuitive as it gets. Our Scheduling App is designed to be used by anybody, regardless of their technical background.

Our commitment is for your productivity

Having time for you, your crew and your clients is not just a nice dream anymore! We cut on those time consuming little things that stop you from actually taking care of your business. Having the ability to take more calls in a day and saving time while serving more clients looks like productivity to us.

We’re not stopping here. Launching FieldVibe 3.0 on iOS and Android is the latest step we did in building the job scheduling app for home service businesses. We want to develop FieldVibe to better suit you and help you achieve your business and personal objectives.

Some of the functionalities we are already thinking of (and maybe even working on some ;) ) include, but are not limited to: payments integration, online booking system, and estimates and invoices.

Do you need other functionalities? Please let us know below.

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The job scheduling app tailored for home service businesses.