Scheduling App For Handyman Business

FieldVibe lets you quickly schedule jobs, send automated text messages, keep all of your clients’ history in one place and more.

Liam Gray

E.E. Handymen Portland LLC

“FieldVibe organizes all my receipts neatly in one place, without having the need to always keep them at hand. I just take a picture and attach it to a job, and I’m set. Plus, it helps me easily dispatch my crew to different locations. It’s been a real help!”

All you need and more from a free handyman app

Run Your Business

With just a few taps on your screen, you get to schedule jobs, while also being able to add client info and take care of ongoing jobs, thanks to our app for handyman business.

You can use FieldVibe directly from your smartphone or tablet. Scheduling jobs can be done on the spot, right besides your client.

Manage Your Clients And Jobs

Our handyman scheduling app will keep track of your clients’ particularities so you don’t have to hassle with remembering everything by yourself.

You can let your staff know about the clients’ preferences with our app for handyman business, and also see all the past and future jobs of those clients.

Avoid Issues With Automated Text Reminders

Automated text message reminders are useful for reminding forgetful clients about their upcoming bookings. The setup is as easy as selecting the template that best suits your business and setting the time when you want your message to be delivered.

Reduce last-minute cancellations and clients forgetting about your visit with a few taps on the screen. Everybody is informed and kept in the loop.

Schedule Jobs And Assign Them

Our app for handyman business lets you schedule jobs and assign them to staff members. FieldVibe shows you their available time slots so that you can quickly and efficiently choose the appropriate time and person to do the job.

The field staff gets all the information on a job (description, price, notes, photos, client info and more) so they don’t have to worry about lugging around extra paperwork to do their job, because of our free app for handyman business.

Organize Your Team

With every change of plans or new schedule updates our handyman business app automatically informs your crew so that they’re always in the loop. These updates can be seen in real-time, eliminating the need for constant checkups with the team on the phone or other messaging apps. This way, everybody gets more stuff done with increased efficiency and productivity.

Business Reports

FieldVibe helps you grow your business by showing you the amount spent working on jobs, going between locations and dead time not clocked in.

If income maximization is your goal, the app for handyman business can show you how much money you made over the course of a week, month or a custom time of your choosing, and also which one of your staff members brought in the most amount.

Secure Information & Efficient Data Storage

FieldVibe keeps everything securely in the cloud, so you don’t lose any important information, and simplifies the whole scheduling, dispatching and crew management so that you have more time to focus on the things that matter.

Our job scheduling app is helping other handyman businesses

Grow your business today with FieldVibe

The job scheduling app for handyman business lets you be more productive by organizing your processes for you and letting you be more flexible and adaptable with your business. Download FieldVibe today, it’s free!