Electrical Contractor Software For Scheduling

Running a business is as hard as it gets. We chip in to take some of that hassle out.

Our electrical service software makes it easy for you to schedule jobs, organize your list of clients, dispatch and track your staff, send automated text reminders to clients, see business reports and more.

Your business deserves to grow. Save time and money with FieldVibe!

Jason Hildebrandt

Hildebrandt Electrical Services Inc.

“FieldVibe is a great tool for my electrical contracting business. Fast and simple way to dispatch the crew to job sites. With the ability to add tasks and photos to jobs is very helpful. I would recommend FieldVibe for any small field service business”

The electrical business software that helps you grow your business

Organize More Efficiently

Plan your business operations by scheduling and editing existing jobs, and by adding your clients’ info in seconds with our job management software for electricians.

As an electrical contractor app, you can use FieldVibe right from your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere. It lets you schedule jobs and even recurring jobs while talking to your client!

Managing Clients and Jobs

Some clients have special preferences. FieldVibe is the electrical business software that remembers all of them for you, so you don’t have to worry about leaving important client info out.

You get instant access to info about each past, current and future jobs of a client. Our software for electrical contractors even lets you share your clients’ preferences to your staff so they know how to handle the specifics of each job or client.

Dispatch And Look After Your Staff

FieldVibe lets you dispatch your crew and efficiently assign jobs to them, depending on their availability. With GPS Tracking in real time, you’re always in the know during working hours where each staff member is located.

The app’s notification system informs your crew on the field about any job update or upcoming events. Job progress can be tracked in real-time, which frees up the time spent before on calling each other for status updates. This way, your team won’t be annoyed by frequent work interruptions to do status updates on the phone, which will make them more productive.

Schedule And Assign Jobs To Your Staff

Our electrical service software lets you assign and schedule jobs to your employees. This way, you can quickly and easily select the right person for the right job, with just a few taps.

The assigned staff member gets to see every detail of a job, such as the client, estimated price, checklist, location, notes and pictures of the job. This means that thanks to our electrical contractor scheduling software, the staff member doesn’t need to lug around cumbersome printed or handwritten notes. Managing an electrical business doesn’t get easier than this!

Automated Text Message Reminders

Our electrical contractor software provides you with text message templates to choose from, which are then automatically sent to clients as reminders so they don’t forget about a booking.

FieldVibe also lets you send text messages to your clients if your crew on the field will be late, eliminating any chance of clumsy communication. The electrician business software automatically detects if your crew is going to be late to a job, and prompts them to send a customized text message, informing the client of their delay.

Informative Business Reports

Data is one of the most important factors in growing your business. FieldVibe shows you how much time did your team spend working.

FieldVibe tells you how much money you’ve earned in a week, month, or whatever timespan you give it. Our electrical service software lets you see not only how much money you made but also who brought in the most.

Secure Data & Efficient Information

Scheduling and dispatching has never been easier, and we help you save time and effort by simplifying the whole process. You get more time to focus on the things that matter.

Data is securely synched in the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about losing data.

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