Your service business deserves to grow!

We are building the best scheduling mobile app tailored to field service professionals like you. Not only that, but we want to give it to you for free, for your first account.

The first user is free

We deliver on our promises! You get free and unlimited access to FieldVibe, for you as the first user.

Pay as you grow

You get to use all of our available features from the get-go, regardless of how many users you add to your account. You pay monthly, $19/user starting with the second one.

Number of staff members Price per month Text messages included
0 (your manager account) FREE 50
1 $19 100 / month
2 $38 200 / month
3 $57 300 / month
4 $76 400 / month
4+ $76 400 / month

All free and paid subscriptions have access to the following features: Job Calendar, Scheduling, Job Assignation, Client Manager (CRM), Job Management, text message reminders, Live GPS location, Location history, Field staff management, Time tracking, Reports

Prices are in US Dollars. You will be charged in the currency of your Google / iTunes account at the exchange rate provided by Apple and Google respectively.

*Additional text message plans are optional and can be purchased separately.

Number of additional text messages Price per month
50 $3
200 $9
400 $17
1000 $35
3000 $99

To see all FieldVibe subscription details please visit section 7. Payments and Refunds under our Terms and Conditions


Is FieldVibe really free?

Yes, you get to use our scheduling app for free, as the first user, for an unlimited period of time, with an unlimited number of job bookings etc. However, if you want to send text message reminders you will have to pay separately for an text message plan.

Do I have to pay extra for text message reminders?

Every paid subscription comes with 100 text message messages/paid user/month. This means that every month, for every user added over the first free one, you will get 100 text messages. You can call or text your field technicians text messages. Text message plans are optional and can be purchased separately, depending on your needs. Unused text messages are reported, meaning that they will not expire and would be available for use in the next month(s).

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. You won’t need a credit card for creating a FieldVibe account. You’ll need it when you decide to add additional users or if you want to purchase an text message plan. Please note that we do not view or store your credit card details, because the entire purchase is done through Google and through Apple.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. The easiest way to do this is by downgrading to the free subscription. You can do this by deleting your additional staff users (this won’t affect app data, only the employees that used the deleted accounts would lose access. If the selected user has active bookings, you would be prompted to reassign them to an active staff user). Subscriptions bought through Google Play will be automatically canceled when you downgrade to the free subscription, however, if you bought your subscription through the App Store, Apple requires you to manually cancel your subscription. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do this:

Is FieldVibe available for computers?

Not at the moment. Phase one for FieldVibe is to help as much as possible the professionals and very small companies where the manager is working in the field, while taking calls for jobs and also managing a couple of employees. Next plans for phase one include adding online bookings, online payments and client reviews. In phase two we plan to help companies with office staff, which require a desktop/web app

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The best scheduling app tailored to field service professionals like you.