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FieldVibe is the best scheduling app for cleaning companies, helping you efficiently schedule jobs, boost your productivity and increase client satisfaction with automated text reminders

What FieldVibe’s mobile scheduling app can do for your cleaning business

Sometimes it might seem that technology is working against us and it puts us in a position of unfair competition. But what if we would use technology for our own good? What if we choose to put it to work so that we would do more with less and get more time for us and our families?

Dedicated entirely to field service professionals, at FieldVibe we build service software solutions that make people’s lives better! This is what we help you do:

Schedule jobs like a Pro

Scheduling new jobs is super-simple; even when you have to schedule complex recurring jobs. Like that client that needs your services every second Monday, from 4:30 PM. With FieldVibe you set the schedule once and depending on what type of recurrence you set, the app automaticaly creates the respective bookings and fills your calendar accordingly.

Compared to a simple calendar app, FieldVibe automaticaly links client details (name, location(s), notes, contact number, email) to your appointments and lets you assign the booking to somebody else within your company, add the description of the job, notes and tasks. The person the job is assigned to can also attach notes and photos directly to the respective job.

Easily manage your cleaning crews

Either you do commercial or residential cleaning, with so many jobs and tasks in a day, there is a lot of room for error for your cleaning team. And that means lost opportunities and lost revenue and you surely don’t want that, right? FieldVibe is the cleaning business software you were looking for! We help you easily schedule and dispatch your cleaners, providing you with real-time updates from start to finish. After you schedule the job, you can assign it to one of your teams with just a few taps on the screen. The respective crew is automatically notified and gets instant access to all job details. You can also follow all job updates in your company timeline, so you see when your employees start clocking in, how much time they spent on the road and when they mark the job as completed. They can also add notes and photos from the job providing you with precious, instant feedback.

Be more flexible and adaptable

Fast and flexible is the name of the game! Day by day it gets harder and harder to manage your cleaning business. Your clients expect a quick response to their problems and on top of that, they have the capability to look for different options in a short span of time. So how do you manage to keep up with everything? FieldVibe is not just a great job scheduling app, but also a great and easy to use dispatch app. Best of all, it is mobile so you cand use it on your smartphone whenever and wherever you need it. While your cleaning crews are out there in the field, the job status for each one of them is automatically updated based on their location and activity in the app. All these will help you make better-informed decisions faster, thus improving your client response time while giving you more agility and flexibility in managing your cleaning business.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

You do your best to make your clients happy and outwork your competitors. We are not here just to cheer for you along the way, we want to help you achieve your goals! This is why our cleaning business software has a built-in text reminder functionality that automatically sends a customized text message to your clients, reminding them of their booking. This will give you an edge over your competitors and will surely impress your clients, all while improving your bottom line. Also, when one of your field teams is about to be late, the system automatically prompts the team lead to send a customized text message text, letting the client know that they are going to be late.

Let’s make scheduling simple again!

These are just some of the benefits that you get by choosing FieldVibe as your growth partner.

If you want to be more efficient and organized, to increase productivity both in the field and in the office, scale your operations and be in control of your business, start using FieldVibe’s scheduling app today! It’s free!

Your cleaning business deserves to grow!

Less paperwork, improved communication, and more happy clients.