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What a crazy world we live in!

It turns out that Heraclitus is right again and his saying is as current as it was 2500 years ago: Change is (really) the only constant in life.

I don’t want to get very philosophical about it, but at the origin, the word change comes from the expression to exchange or to barter.

With the risk of getting a little bit too philosophical, I am going to spend a couple of minutes on this and then move right to the thing that we want to offer you at the end of this article, which is a free marketing report tailored to your business.

This report will include an overview of your marketing assets, initiatives, a performance analysis of your marketing efforts in relation to your competitors, and a concise action plan that can help you navigate these weird times.

We do not sell anything marketing oriented, we just want to play our part in helping small field services businesses in these times of change.

Speaking of…

We have to accept that these are times of change

These days we had and still have to leave a lot of things behind. These times are stripping away the future as we dreamed it and force us to reinvent ourselves and our businesses, and thus reinvent our future.

That implies a lot of exchange, a lot of bartering, a lot of abandonment of things, mindsets, structures, strategies, even relationships!

We have to renew them and in some cases arm ourselves with new ones, with ones that are updated or at least have the capability to keep up with the changes.

For example, we might need to exchange our pre-pandemic business strategy with a new one that takes into account all the different variables that now play an important role in our day to day lives.

For a (hopefully) short period of time, we might need to readjust our way of working as companies, implementing new work-from-home policies and setting up the infrastructure that allows our business to function this way.

We might have to let go of some of our staff, sign off some leases or renting contracts or, on the contrary, apply for new ones.

These are the type of changes that we need to make.

We might be tempted to think that we give up our future for something that we can’t even fully understand yet, let alone see it or have a vision about it.

But the truth is that we actually are trading our past for a new future. Some of our old ways of doing things are just not relevant anymore.

Accepting the reality of today and the responsibility of tomorrow is the right thing to do right now.

We will get through this! We will prevail!

We’ve been given this gift from our Creator. We always adapt, we always adjust. We have to. There is no other option!

Thank you for bearing with me through this philosophical/motivational rant. Now let’s get back in the trenches! We know you are men and women of action.

The opportunity

Maybe business growth is just not an option in today’s business environment, at least for the majority of us.

But there are a lot of things, marketing-wise, that we might want to do right now. There are also things that we must do, and do them as quickly as possible!

Maybe there are things you always wanted to implement but never had the chance to. You were always busy, and that was a great thing!.

Maybe there are things that you do not understand very well and want to be educated on that particular subject so you can make the right decisions for your business.

Maybe there are things that you do, but want to revisit and come up with an updated plan or version.

This is why we are creating the FieldVibe Marketing Reporting Initiative (FieldVibe MRI), a program dedicated entirely to small field services companies.

Through FieldVibe MRI we want to help service companies get a better understanding of the marketing landscape and discover relevant opportunities that can help them grow.

You will find a form at the end of this article where you can enroll for free in this program. The number of seats is limited and this is why we strongly advise you to take action right now!

Being a free program, we have to limit the number of applicants to 5 companies per week.

Why join this program

There are so many reasons why you would want to talk marketing for half an hour these days and get an “MRI scan” of your business, from a marketing perspective. And there are also a lot of opportunities available for your business, in the midst of this crisis.

Do you know for example that Google is giving $340 million of dollars worth of ads credit to SMBs affected by the Coronavirus crisis all around the world? You might be eligible for this grant and gain thousands of dollars worth of ads for your business.

Facebook is also giving $100 million in cash grants and advertising credits to 30.000 small businesses in more than 30 countries

Hopefully, your business is also eligible for government grants and assistance and you will have even more money to further fund your business operations and develop the new strategy and infrastructure you need in order to adapt to the new market conditions.

In the meantime, we are here to help you get a free “MRI scan” of your marketing initiatives and come up with an action plan that can help your business.

The FieldVibe MRI Report

The report will include:

  • An overview of your marketing assets. We will scan your website, social media accounts and business listings and identify areas of improvement.
  • Analysis of your marketing initiatives and campaigns. We will also come with recommendations and even new ideas
  • Performance analysis of your marketing efforts in relation to your competitors
  • A concise action plan that will improve awareness and create more business opportunities.

All this information would normally cost you thousands of dollars, but we will give it to you for free. Please keep in mind that there are only 5 seats available, per week. We can only help 5 small field services businesses every week, for the next 4 weeks (20 businesses in total).

What to expect

After you submit your application (see form below), you will receive an email from me (Laurentiu Culda), where I will discuss the next steps (basically schedule a call with you where we can get a better understanding of your needs and situation).

I have a BA in Economics as well as a Master’s Degree in SMB Management. In the past seven years, I worked with small businesses from different industries, helping them grow and better communicate with their audiences.

Here at Mobiversal (FieldVibe’s parent company) we also worked with tens of small companies and startups, helping them identify and create the best digital solutions for their needs.

We want to use all this knowledge and apply it to your business, so you can explore new opportunities and safely navigate these weird times.

To apply for the FieldVibe MRI program please use the form below.


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Laurentiu Culda, is Marketing Manager at, the best scheduling app tailored to field service professionals.

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